Aging and Weather Stations

My wife and I seem to have crossed an invisible line in the sand.  We haveOld dude sign become human weather stations with a smattering of other chemical based mysteries.  

During our life, we have listened to the weather prognostications of our grandparents and parents as they pontificated on the aches and pains associated with barometer changes and cold weather and of course the little known but apparently real mosquito attracting pheromones emitted or sealed in the bodies of the aged.  I’ve always thought the last plague was fertilizer but as unlikely as it seems, it is apparently true.   I attract the pests and they never bother my wife.

We never wanted to test the veracity of our ancestors.  If they repeatedly told stories of impending meteorological disasters based on the location and strength of their pains, who cared?  Let them have their little oddities if it makes them happy.

Oh bother.  I’ve inherited my mothers rain predicting knee pain.  It even thumps on the counter beat of my heart just like hers.  My wife and I may mention our weather predictions from time to time and catch the glances between our kids and grandchildren as we foretell the future weather, but we understand their thoughts.   With decreasing frequency, we still raise our eyebrows when “old” people talk like that around us too.

The weather has taken such a prominent role in our lives that we’ve installed our own weather station, apparently in an effort to verify our predictions.  When and how did the weather rise to such a predominant role in the conversations between my wife and me?   Is weather foretelling indicative of aging minds who may not be involved in the daily management of young families and corporations?   

Possibly!   The topic certainly seems to be in the top ten conversation starters among folks in our generational strata.

The weather station has taken a far too prominent role in our lives.  Does it warrant the 20 – 30 daily glances at the color weather monitor in our kitchen?   What’s worse are the apps on our tablets that we never seem to close.  If the glances at them are added to the views of the monitor, the problem is glowingly evident.   We can’t control the craziness in the world news, but we can elucidate the weather factors and results in our geospatial region.  

Is all of this an indication of minds that aren’t engaged in enough ‘real’ issues to keep them busy and productive?   

In our case, No!  I still work 14 – 16 hours a day in research and my sweetheart has slowed her activity level enough to finally be as leisurely engaged as me.   

The weather still sneaks in our minds filling any unproductive cycles of our slowly calcifying brains.

Folks in our generational strata can’t even get away from the weather in their sleep.  We sort of follow the standard sleep cycles with the drop of body temperature, slowing of breathing, blood pressure drop and tissue growing to replace the failures and aging cells that day.  Our dreams however, don’t totally escape reality to allow healing of our psyche’.  The barometers in our joints and muscles don’t punch off the time clock while we sleep.  They send ever more demanding reports of pressure changes to our brain.  Soon our dreams aren’t about sugar plum fairies and puppy dog tails but rather morph into scenes of us hurting while trying to walk, work and play with our grandchildren.  The weather seems to always be on our minds.

I remember my parents and grandparents talking about the weather in the last days of their lives.   Regardless of everything else that was happening to their failing bodies, the weather was still high on the list of conversational topics.


Doctors know that there is a correlation between joint pain and the weather.  Some are loathe to admit it but as they age, they too switch to the weather changes cause pain camp.

Earlier this year I enjoyed a conversation with one of our six year old granddaughters.  When I stood up to help her little sister, she heard my joints pop and the low groan that escaped my lips.  Stopping me, she said, “Grandpa, you really are old!”   “Did you know that your body makes a popping sound when you stand up and that you groan at the same time?”  “What does it feel like to be old like you?”

Looking at her, I remembered a similar conversation with an older gentleman when I was her age.  He relied on two canes to walk, stand and sit.  He answered my question saying, “It hurts to be old!”   “My mind can’t believe that my body is acting so strange because it thinks I’m still as young as you!”

I answered my granddaughter with a similar statement knowing that she doesn’t have any points of reference to understand my comment more than just the surface value of the words.  Little does she know that she too is a future weather forecaster and that she has already inherited the groan gene but that it is just asleep at the present.

I’ve wondered what weather station marketers focus on when they are creating and placing their advertisements.  Are they envisioning folks in my demographic or are they seeing science minded folks of all ages?  Do they order broadly focused advertising or is the focus tightened down to a narrow demographic group or groups?  

Will my wife and I develop an abbreviated language about weather where “knee – morning” means that it is going to rain in the morning or will “knuckles – neck” mean that we are in for a two day rain storm?  

I’m a little worried that the abbreviations will actually come to pass.  Maybe if we move to a much warmer dry climate we can extend the evolution or devolution of our language.  I don’t think there is a good solution that resolves the “grandpa, you are old” comments.  My wife and I still call people old, so we haven’t matured enough to escape the name calling of youth.  

I’ve come to the conclusion that I should have invested in companies that make weather reporting equipment.  It is a much more viable industry than I thought, especially if their products are  marketed intelligently.  If they focused on a better presentation of the data in their apps and included a simple but rugged stand in their weather station kits, they would be even more profitable.   No one wants “old” people up on ladders changing the batteries annually and everyone wants a well designed infographic presentation for the data sent from owners weather station.

This story concludes as you would expect.  The wonderful body given us by the Lord wears out just as He planned.  Exact dates and ages for fail points aren’t warrantied but they are guaranteed.   The enjoyment we get out of our lives is dependent on our attitudes because the vehicle that carries our spirit does have expiration dates associated with its multitude of functions.  Even with the miracles of modern medicine, expiration events will occur in our bodies.  With them we will enjoy the injection of a strong interest in the weather.  Even the non-scientific will learn to speak in terms of atmospheric pressure levels, isobars, moisture convergences and outflows much to the consternation of family and friends. 

© Article Posted 17 Nov 2014 by Lee R. Drew on Lee Drew’s Views


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