LDS Church Expands Use of Digital Devices

As a techie, it is enjoyable to watch your church embrace and even lead the pack in the use of technology, tech devices and social media.tablets&phones

The LDS Church recently announced that they are moving much more of their missionary proselytizing to tablets and devices.

The majority of tools that missionaries and members use in their weekly lives and church assignments are being mirrored in apps for use in the daily digital / technical / social activities of church members.

YouTube Video Tutorials and Tools for your own video uploads:



Elder David F. Evans Discusses Expanded Missionary Efforts

Additionally, numerous apps have and are being released that cover most activities a youth and adult member of the church can want.

Times have changed for members of the church because leaders frequently engage in both their techy hardware and software themselves.  They expect missionaries and members to use their technological power for good constantly.

We are reminded to look at thing as “they really are.”

Posted 15 Sep 2014 by Lee R. Drew on the Lee Drew’s Views blog